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Spicy Edamame£3.90
Nasu Goma
Contain peanuts. Grilled aubergine with sesame paste
Agedashi Tofu£5.10Fried tofu in tempura flour with grated daikon in dashi broth
Yellow Tail Jalapeno
Yuzi dressing
Salt & Chilli Pepper Squid£6.90Squid tossed in salt & chilli pepper seasoning
Chicken Gyoza (4)
Pan fried parcels filled with chicken, cabbage & spring onion
Karrage Chicken£5.50
vegetable gyoza£4.80
Yakitori chicken£5.10
Mixed Sashimi Salad£9.80Seared salmon & tuna sashimi, kazami wasabi dressing
Wakame Seaweed£4.20In a sesame dressing
Beef Tataki Salad
Seared beef with baby leaf salad & yuzu dressing
Soft Shell Crab Salad
Baby leaf salad & green chilli dipping sauce
Green Bean Salad£4.20Fine beans in goma ponzu dressing
Garden salad£5.80Mixed baby leaf,avacao with Japanese dressing
Side Orders
Steamed Rice (Vegetarian)£2.00
Oshinko (Vegetarian)
Japanese mixed pickles
Hot Udon Noodles (Vegetarian)£4.10Served in a light soya & dashi base soup with spring onion
Oriental Style Seasonal Vegetable (Vegetarian)
Chef's selection
Miso Soup (Vegetarian)
Shojin Tempura Selection (6) (Vegetarian)
(Subject to availability) Sweet potato, courgette, broccoli, carrot, lotus root & shitake mushroom
Prawn Tempura (3)
Seafood Tempura
Selection of shrimp, squid, black cod
Mixed Tempura£7.90Selection of shrimp seasonal vegetables. (A vegetable tempura sauce available)
Main Dishes
Roasted Pork Belly£12.90Green beans & Peri-peri Hoi-Sin
Dynamite Beef£14.50Scottish Angus rib-eye with a chili sauce
Truffle Rib-eye£14.50Scottish Angus rib-eye with a chili sauce
Steamed Seabass£13.50Sake & soya ponzu
Roast breast of duck£13.50With Roast sauce on the bed of green bean
(Sizzling Teriyaki) Japanese hot dish with your choice of the following Hot
Salmon Teriyaki£10.90
Chicken Teriyaki£9.80
Scottish Angus rib-eye teriyaki£14.50
tofu teriyaki£8.90
Tuna Sushi£5.90More6 Pieces
Spicy Tuna Sushi£6.80More6 Pieces
Eel & Cucumber Sushi£6.10More6 Pieces
Salmon Sushi£5.10More6 Pieces
Alaska Sushi
salmon, avocado and mayo
King Prawn Tempura Sushi
California Sushi£4.80More6 Pieces
Soft Shell Crab
6 Pieces
Yellow Tail with Scallio Sushi£7.606 Pieces
Scallop Tobiko Sushi£7.506 Pieces
Dragon Sushi (8)£9.10Eel, tobiko, asparagus & avocado
Rainbow Sushi£9.80Scallop with salmon, tuna, avocado outside
Crunchy Tuna Sushi£9.508pcs
Crunchy Salmon Sushi
Samurai Sushi£9.80Prawn tempura with eel outside
Vegetable Roll (Vegetarian)£4.806pcs
Chef Special Roll£7.506pcs
Cucumber Maki£3.506 Pieces
Salmon & Avocado Cut Roll£5.806 Pieces
Avocado Maki
6 Pieces
Tuna & Truffle mayo Maki£6.506 Pieces
Salmon skin roll£5.806pieces
Spciy salmon roll£6.106pcs
Tuna avocado£6.806pcs
Volcano£9.80Snow crab, cucumber, avocado,& yida special cream 8pcs
first 8 Sashimi are served 5 slices
Salmon Sashimi
Tuna Sashimi
Seabass Sashimi£7.50
Yellow Tail Sashimi£9.80
Scallop Sashimi£8.10
Octopus Sashimi£6.10
Sweet Shrimp Sashimi£7.108 pcs
Mackerel Sashimi£7.10
Mixed Salmon & Tuna Sashimi£13.908 Slices
Mixed Sashimi£14.909 Slices
House Special Sashimi£24.5012 Pieces
Surf clam£7.90
All served with 2 pieces
Salmon Nigiri£4.50
Tuna Nigiri£5.10
Seabass Nigiri£4.30
Mackerel Nigiri£4.10
Yellow Tail Nigiri£5.10
Eel Nigiri£4.80
Prawn Nigiri£4.30
Sweet Shrimp Nigiri£4.10
Octopus Nigiri£4.10
Scallops Nigiri£4.80
Tobiko Nigiri£4.10
Tamago nigiri£2.80
Inari nigiri£3.10
Surf clam£4.80
Set Meals
Set Meal A£10.80California roll (6 pieces) Nigiri (5 pieces) (2x salmon, 2x seabass & 1x tuna)
Set Meal B£13.50(Salmon & Tuna Set) Alaska roll (3 pieces), Spicy tuna roll (3 pieces), Nigiri (6 pieces) (3x salmon & 3x tuna)
Set Meal C£13.50Spicy tuna (6 pieces) Nigiri (7 pieces) (3x salmon, 2x tuna & 2x seabass)
Set Meal D£11.50(Salmon Set) Alaska roll (6 pieces) Nigiri (5 pieces salmon)
Set Meal E£14.50(Salmon Sashimi & Sushi Set) Alaska roll (6 pieces) Nigiri (5 pieces salmon) Sashimi (3 pieces salmon)
Set Meal F£17.00(Sushi & Sashimi set) Chef special roll (6 pieces), Nigiri (4 pieces) (1x salmon, 1x tuna, 1x seabass & 1 x yellow tail) Sashimi (5 pieces)(3x salmon & 2x tuna)
Set Meal G£19.00(House Special Set) Dragon roll (8 pieces) Nigiri (8 pieces) (2x salmon, 2x tuna, 2 yellow tail & 2x seabass)
Veggie Set£10.50Tamago Nigiri (2 pieces) Tamago Nigiri (2 pieces) Inari Nigiri (2 pieces) Vegetable (6 pieces) Avocado Maki (6 pieces)
Sea platte£29.50Chef special roll(6pcs) Prawn tempura roll(6pcs) Alaska roll(6pcs) Salmon, tuna,seabass,prawn nigiri (2 pcs each)
Salmon and tuna platter£29.50Alaska roll(6pcs) Spciy tuna roll(6pcs) Salmon and tuna nigiri( 4pcs each) Salmon and tuna sashmi(2pieces each), 24pcs
Party platter£39.50California roll(6pcs) Spicy tuna roll(6pcs) Curchcy salmon roll(8pcs) Salmon,tuna,seabass nigiri (3pcs each) Salmon and tuna sashimi (2pcs each)
Jumbo party platter£78.00Curchcy salmon(8 pcs) Dragon (8pcs) Soft shell crab roll(6pcs) Chef special roll(6pcs) Salmon and tuna sashimi(4 pcs each) Cucumber maki(6pcs) Avocado maki (6pcs) Salmon and tuna nigiri (8pcs each)
Diet Coca-Cola£1.500.33L
Cold Green Tea£2.20
Cold Oolong£2.20
Sparkling Water£3.50More
Asahi Super Dry Beer£3.30
Sparkling Water£2.80
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