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Yida Sushi

Welcome to Yida Sushi, one of the most exciting new restaurants to hit Islington. Providing an incredible range of European-infused Japanese dishes!
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At Yida Sushi, we know that to provide the best experience possible
Our food must be as fresh as possible and use only the finest fresh ingredients. We have established strong relationships with some of the best suppliers around and have all our meat, fish and vegetables delivered daily.
here's a full range of drinks available on our menu from soft drinks to Cold Oolong and Asahi Super Dry Beer
We know that some customers want incredible food in the comfort of their own home, and so offer delivery at a cost of only £1 for orders over £20 within a 3 mile radius.
Set Meals
You can really taste the difference in every piece of sushi, sashimi and nigiri we make, as well as in every meal we deliver, ranging from the crispy seafood tempura to the chicken gyoza, our sensational salt & chilli pepper squid and our wonderful set meals.
Three of our favourite dishes

Chicken Gyoza

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Alaska Sushi

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Seafood Tempura

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We are a family-run restaurant with talented Japanese chefs providing every dish fresh to order.

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Want something different?
When you want something a little different, try one of our other brilliant dishes, like our Beef Tataki
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